Documenting development and the impact of globalization
In addition to theoretical and practical classes (from conceptualization to post production), weekly meetings and weekend seminars, the M.E.T.A. students have produced their own short documentaries in cooperation with local and international organizations with a strong focus on the development of modern Cambodia. A selection of these short films will be compiled on a DVD.

Rise Up! (30 mins, 2009)
Cambodia has one of the world's largest disabled populations, including an estimated 43,000 landmine survivors and 50,000 people affected by poliomyelitis. Discriminated against at every...   read more
Healthier Tomorrow (18 mins, 2009)
Social health insurance in Cambodia has been established only recently. At present it covers less than one percent of the population in Cambodia but already 13% of the population...   read more
Pay or Die! (18 mins, 2009)
In Cambodia poor people often spend a lot of money on healthcare. As a result they fall in debt, losing property such as their land and house - the main sources of their livelihood...   read more
Three Generations (20 mins, 2009)
The three young Cambodian film makers Lim Seang Heng (21), Prum Seila (22) and Borei Sylyvann (25) – known as "Triple S" – have dedicated more than three months for the production of...   read more
Smot (20 mins, 2009)
Many old Cambodian art forms are currently in danger, as the places to perform and the people practicing get reduced everyday. Among those old arts is "smot" - a voice performing art...   read more
I am Precious! (30 mins, 2009)
Over 300,000 workers are employed in the Cambodian garment industry. Most of them are young women from rural areas with limited education. Besides spending most of their days working in factories...   read more
The Art of Survival (20 mins, 2009)
When the exhibition β€˜ART OF SURVIVAL" opened at the Cambodian art center Meta House in the year 2008 the response was clear and immediate. An audience of overwhelmingly Khmer residents was deeply...   read more
25 Frames to Move (15 mins, 2009)
Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS), meaning "the brightness of art", originated in 1986 in Site 2 Refugee Camp on the Thai border. The idea of a creative association, which would use art and expression to...   read more
A M.E.T.A. booklet in Khmer and English language will accompany the DVD. It also contains interviews with tips and tricks by the Cambodian and international filmmakers, who have participated in the M.E.T.A program.