Teachers and students of M.E.T.A.: Pascal-Mario Geissler, Lach Pov, Lim Seang Heng, Mark Hammond, Sao Sopheak, Ream Chamrouen, Nico Mesterharm, Lach Chantha, Borei Sylyvann
Cambodian films from a Cambodian perspective
In April 2009 Meta House Phnom Penh opened a masters class for Khmer filmmakers: The M.E.T.A program (Media Education and Training Academy) is a unique "on-the-job" training, directed by German filmmaker Nico Mesterharm and funded by the German "Goethe Institut".

Applicants must have experience in producing or directing documentaries or TV features. School language is English. Equipment and production facilities are provided. The education is free. A certificate will be awarded.

M.E.T.A. aims at strengthening the young Cambodian film scene. To date nearly all internationally screened documentaries that focus on Cambodia are produced or directed by foreigners. One reason is that local production standards are still too low; another is that Cambodian media producers lack access to international markets.

The M.E.T.A masters class helps Khmer filmmakers reach Western broadcasting standards and link them with foreign production companies, TV stations and festivals.