Artist Sous Sodavy (left) with M.E.T.A student Sao Sopheak and Nico Mesterharm
Artist Sous Sodavy (left) with M.E.T.A student Sao Sopheak and Nico Mesterharm
When the exhibition "ART OF SURVIVAL" opened at the Cambodian art center Meta House in the year 2008 the response was clear and immediate. An audience of overwhelmingly Khmer residents was deeply impressed and surprised to see such a wealth of imagery about the Cambodian genocide made recently in their midst.

In 2009 Meta House and the Cambodian NGO "Youth for Peace" (YFP) have organized a traveling exhibition in 7 Cambodian provinces, accompanied by art workshops and Q&As for villagers - led by well-know Khmer painters such as Toul-Sleng-survivor Vann Nath and Sous Sodavy.

This documentary (Khmer with English subtitles, 20 mins.) is co-produced by the German Development Service (DED) and Civil Peace Services (ZFD). Two German filmmakers (Marc Eberle and Nico Mesterharm) travel with a group of M.E.T.A. students to Phnom Banon, a mass killing site near the provincial capital of Battambang. The students Sao Sopheak (29), Ngo Menghak (22), Ngo Menghourng (23) and camaraman Touch Yin Mony (25) try to find out how contemporary art can contribute to the healing process in Cambodian society.

Sao Sopheak (28) is a 3rd year student of Business Management at Singaporean University Phnom Penh. The brothers Ngo Menghourng and Ngo Menghak are both students of the Department of Media and Communication at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Touch Yin Mony has graduated from the DMC and now an assistant lecturer at this university.